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Everyone of us should be able to provide for ourselves and our families—to earn a decent living at a decent wage.  Yet, oftentimes, there are so many barriers to obtaining employment or pursuing a career, that no matter how badly we want to pursue this goal, it is difficult without some assistance.  That's where GRACE comes in.  We look at apprenticeship and employer entry requirements item by item, and then work closely with the trainees in our programs to assist them in meeting every single one.


If this involves direct instruction by Math Instructors and Reading Specialists to assist trainees in passing math or reading assessments, hands-on skills training by licensed electricians and other industry professionals, making a connection with organizations like Vehicles for Change to ensure that trainees served can obtain cars at extraordinarily affordable prices so they can get back and forth to work, re-activating a driver's license, expunging a criminal record that does not pertain at all to the career being pursued, we work side by side and hand in hand with our clients to remove these traditional barriers to success.


We work with a team of state certified educators, trade professionals, workforce development specialists, career navigators, life coaches, social workers, wellness professionals, and workforce development specialists to provide an integrated set of holistic programs for trainees leveraging a strong partner network consisting of national, state and federal agencies, grass-roots community organizations, neighborhood associations, other non-profits, and like minded individuals.  Our work is funded primarily by grants and donations.  Our goal is not only to increase employment rates but to get our trainees on a track that leads to a solid career.

We are a Maryland State Workforce Innovation &  Opportunities Act (WIOA) Eligible Training Provider.

What We Do:
  • Academic Enrichment (Math/Reading Comprehension)

  • Alumni Program

  • Career Services

  • Case Management

  • Evidence-Based Life Skills Training

  • Financial Wellness

  • Supportive Services

  • Trade Skills Training Including Industry Certifications

  • Wrap-Around Services

Who We Serve: Our Trainees
  • Adult and Youth Pursuing GEDs

  • Displaced Homemakers

  • English Language Learners

  • Ex-Offenders

  • High School Graduates

  • Homeless Individuals

  • Individuals within two years of exhausting lifetime Eligibility under part A of the Social Security Act

  • Low income individuals (including TANF and SNAP recipients)

  • Older individuals

  • Refugees

  • Single parents (including pregnant women and non-custodial parents)

  • Veterans

  • Women

  • Youth who are in or who have aged our of the foster care system

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