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Our Alumni Association was created to keep our graduates connected, provide a venue in which they can not only interact, but collaborate, provide continuous learning, networking, and professional mentoring opportunities, and most importantly a product and service that our graduates would like to have a life-long association with. Membership is free to all of our graduates.

Alumni Committees

Our Alumni Association currently consists of seven (7) committees:

  • Budding Energy Professionals:  K-12th Graders – our STEAM/ MakerEd to Careers Program

  • International Electricians:  Addresses the needs of Asylees and Refugees

  • Seasoned Electricians:  Ages 40+

  • Telecomm Professionals

  • Urban Energy Professionals:  Ages 25+

  • Women/Ladies In Construction (W-LIC)

  • Young Electrical Professionals (YEP):  Ages 18-24​

If you would like additional information on our Alumni Association and on-boarding process, please email:

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