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Career Placement Services
  • Establishing Professional On-line Identities

  • eLearning

  • Individual Career Plans (ICPs)

  • Job Placement Assistance (In- and Post Program)

  • Mock Committee and Individual Interviews

  • Resume Clinics

  • Dress for "Construction" Success

Individual Career Plan (ICP)

Our Career Services program assists trainees in meeting all of the requirements of a nationally recognized apprenticeship program

and employer entry requirements.  Each trainee will have a career and interest assessment performed and receive an Individual Career Plan (ICP).  Once they choose a career path, a competency and gap analysis will also be performed to implement the ICP.  Additionally, trainees will  participate in resume clinics, mock individual and panel/committee interviews, learn appropriate interview dress, be debriefed on how to fill in an employment applications correctly, and how to de-stress when taking employment assessments.  Additional training will be conducted on  physical, verbal and written communication and presentation skills.

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Workplace Conduct

Our Career Services Program also address workforce conduct. This includes providing instruction on appropriate ways of interacting with supervisors and co-workers, identifying escalating conflicts as they occur, appropriate dress, harassment in the workplace and the innapropriate use of corporate resources.

Technology at Work

Technology training is also provided.  This includes an overview of creating, saving, and transmitting Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office, the appropriate use of computing resources and social media, establishing professional email accounts and on-line identities, e-Learning, learning how to fill-in on-line applications, surveys and other information requests, taking tests on-line, submitting documents electronically and confirming that documents were properly submitted as well as inexpensive ways of acquiring internet access.

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