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We help our Trainee-Client achieve wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, service facilitation, and the use of evidence-based guidelines or standards. Our case management has four key components: 1) Intake, 2) Needs Assessment, 3) Service Planning, and 4) Monitoring and Evaluation. We monitor and evaluate for up to 1 year after program completion.

Case Management

GRACE utilizes a trauma-informed 360 degree case management model that:

  • Empowers All Staff Members Working With Trainees To Provide Input

  • Meets Trainee Needs Right Where They Are

  • Allows for Human and Social Service Agency Coordination

  • Facilitates Leveraged Resource Tracking, and

  • Ensures Transparency as Required by Sponsors, Grantors, Partners, and Employers

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